Checking if your printer can accept cheque size paper.

  1. Download the file Printer Alignment Checker (CW09_layout_quick_checker.doc)
  2. ​Cut out a cheque size paper (follow your cheque's size) , and place it in the printer.
  3. Use Microsoft Word to open the CW09_layout_quick_checker.doc 
  4. Without changing any settings ,click print.
  5. If the printer can print without warning or error messages, your printer can accept the cheque size.
    If there is a warning message or the printer does not allow you to print, your printer may not be able to print on cheque sized paper.
    Please check with your printer's manufacturer about turning off the paper size checking.
*Disclaimer: The above method works on most printers. Unfortunately there maybe a small percentage of untested printers that may pass the test and still have issues printing. 

Other considerations when checking if your printer can accept cheque size.

  • Check the printer's min paper handling size. Different manufactures call it differently eg, ‘paper size’ , ‘media size’,'paper handling'. If the min paper size is bigger than your cheque size, this printer cannot support printing a check. A common Singapore Cheque size is 180mm x 90mm (you may want to measure your cheque size to confirm the size)
  • Paper size sensor (paper check sensor). if the printer has a paper size sensor, check if this sensor can be turned off. the sensor checks if the paper size matches the paper in the tray. if the sensor cannot be turned off, this may cause an issue as some printers do not allow you to print if it the paper does not match. Some printers may display error messages after the print. Other printers may reprint the same job after the error. These are some of the issues we know off due to paper size. 
  • Full size multifunction copiers. Even though these copiers can accept cheque size paper, due to past reports from customers that cheque sometimes get stuck, and the diffculty in removing a jammed cheque. we do not recommand using these full size multifunction copiers.
This document is used for print alignment testing and testing if a printer can print cheque size paper.
Printer Alignment Checker (CW09_layout_quick_checker.doc)

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